Perch fishing in the fall – meet Magnus Diesner

107 Perch above 1600 grams and 8 Perch above above 2 kg´s, do we need to say more? Today we have the big honor of meeting Magnus Diesner member of Team CWC.

If you have never heard about Magnus, here’s an intro. He´s a father of two and spends most of his time outside Kalmar in Sweden. Basically because that’s where he lives. His been fishing since he learned to walk and is still spend the majority of his spare time fishing.

Magnus out fishing with the kid. On this picture his kid has a new PB of above 6kg. Next generation of Diesners learning from the beginning.

He is simply put an awesome Perch-angler with a fantastic track record. As a previous member of Team SK Fiskpinnen he has many top placements under his belt. Since 2014 Magnus is a member of team CWC together with Albin, Trumman and the gang.

Learn to Know Magnus Diesner

Some more curiosities: Magnus is also pretty good in fishing for Pike with a personal best of staggering 16,7 kg. Yes – it is an enormous fish. It was a fish that had been playing him for years that finally got to see the inside of the boat – persistance overcomes all obstacles!

Call it what you want – but that Pike is BIG!.

What is your homewaters and what signifies that body of water?

My homewaters are Kalmarsund and the areas around. There is a lot of variation in the water which poses a challenge since the conditions are very different depending on where you fish. There are waters with very clear and very murky waters but the majority of waters has murky water. I also spend a lot of time in the nearby rivers and streams. I must say that my waters holds a lot of big Perch, which of course adds to thrill.

This Perch pushed the scale to 1626 gr. On top of this fish, Magnus has caught another 106 Perch +1600g.
How did your Perch-obsession start?

I am born and raised in Nybro and I have been fishing since I was a kid. I started like most kids fishing from a dock at about 7 or 8 years with a rod and a float.

The last 15-20 years I have been developing and refining my Perch-fishing with all different techniques. From float fishing to spin-and jig fishing for Perch.


What is the first location you start looking for perch in the autumn? And why there?

During the autumn I look for the Perch at 2-4 meters of depth mainly where the baitfish has gathered. If you find the baitfish then you can be 100% sure there is Perch around.

What other places would you look for if your first pick does not work?

If there is no perch in those area, I tend to look in shallow bays surrounded by weed with a depth of 0,5-1,5 meters. Many times you find the baitfish lingering in there instead and then also the Perch.

A tank of a Perch staying close to the weeds.

What tactics to you normally use during the autumn?

I use most techniques around – Jiggin, Dropshotting, Carolina and Texas-riggin. The starting point typically is jig-fishing, followed by Texas rigs and as a last resort drop-shotting.

What are the main differences between targeting big Perch and numbers?

In my area I would say there is really no difference at all. It’s the same locations for both numbers and specimens.


What are your favorite baits for autumn fishing?

The last couple of years I have been jig-fishing quite a lot a favorite is the Piglet in the colors baby blue shad and fire Perch.

Baby Blue Shad
Fire Perch

What are your top 3-5 top things to consider when it comes to gear?

First and foremost I would like to say: let the thickness of your wallet dictate how much spend. Buy what you can afford and are prepared to spend on the gear. You do not need the most expensive kit in the tackle shop to catch Perch.

If you think you can spend a few bucks on a I recommend to spend you money on 2 really good jigging rods. Preferably 2 different sizes and types based on the waters you normally fish in.


What gear do you have yourself?

When it comes to rods I use the Albin Shargi series – BFT Perception. One is the Power Jigg. A 7,3 foot rod classed for 10-30g and the second is the Jigg & Dropshot 5-15g in the same series.

I use both spinning reels (Shimano) and baitcasters so it’s a mix. It’s more about how you fish and what you prefer. I use Strikewire braided line 0,10 and 0,12. I use a Fluorcarbon leader with length about 60-70 cm (0,25-0,30mm). A good rod and braided line is extremely sensitive and gives you a good feel and response when fishing.


Do you have any other tips for successful Perch-fishing?

  • Check the water temperature. I normally have the best fishing when the water temp goes from 12 to 8 degrees centigrade. The Perch tends to start grouping up then
  • Keep track of the air pressure and winds. A stable air pressure tends to be better.
  • Instead of changing bait-types all the time, focus on the colors. Try 4-5 different colors. What worked yesterday might not work tody. I would like to say that what Jig you use matters less than the color you use. In this area the Perch are much more demanding than the pike.
  • Another thing to consider is to write down airpressure, temperature and wind when you are experiencing good fishing. Then you have a “template” to start from for the future
  • Last but not least!: It is really key to have fun when fishing. Do not go out because “you need to”. Go when you feel like it. Bring a buddy and enjoy the time on the water. And make sure you are dressed properly. You do not want to bothered by the wind and cold.

Besides that, time on the water is what counts. In general there is hundreds of hours behind good Perch fishing. By asking others you can get a lot of information in a short period of time which is good. But at the end of the day it’s your own time on the water that will make the difference.

I have spent thousands of hours fishing to build my experience. An honestly – sharing that with others is one of the best things you can do. If my experinces helps others succed I am very happy!

When I am talking with Magnus, I ask for some memorable moments, like we all have. Magnus had a few favourites that we dream of.

  • In 2003 I was out spin-fishing for Perch. All of a sudden it happens. I catch 3 Perch that each weighed exactly 1625g. The took in three consequitive casts. They where lined up in the same place and looked like spitting images of each other. Exactly the same shape
  • Personal best. That fish came in 2004 and pushed the scale to 2180g with a length of 50cm
  • During an autumn trip Magnus managed to catch a Perch of 1870 g directly followed by another weighing1920 gr. The baits in those days where Rapala Xrap and Zalt 10 cm.
  • In the fall of 2014 I had the fishing of a lifetime with a fanstic suite: 1720g, 1780g, 1880g, 2160g. As the icing on the cake I also caught 10-25 Perch between 1000-1400 g.
  • Winning the PikeWallis competition 2014. It’s always good to be at your best during a competition. It was hard work – I think I speng 100+ hours preparing for the competition.
Another Perchus gigantus caught on camera (and a bait of course)

We thank Magnus for parcipating and who knows – maybe we get to meet Magnus again in the future;-) If you want to see more pictures of his fishing check out his feed at

// Danne, Mange och Peter

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