Autumn Pike – Finn Sloth-Hansen style – Danish record holder for Pike

To make these interviews on autumn is incredibly fun for us at FiskeFürAlle: we get talk so many awesome people: Trumman, Sean Wit now the Danish (and Nordic) record-holder for pike – Finn Sloth Hansen.

In the spring of 2015 rumors started to spread of a 20+ pike that had been caught in Denmark. Pretty soon the rumors where confirmed, not only with pictures, but the take itself was caught on camera by a waterwolf. How cool is that? Then the movie was released and the pike confirmed to 21,1 kg 125,5 cm. A crazy fish that also turned out not only to be a Danish record but also a Nordic record. The Swedish record caught this year measured 21,07 kg so the Nordic record is still in Finn´s hands. If you want to see the movie with the Danish recored you can find it here:

For us it is very clear that the record pike is not a random lucky strike. Finn is a very active fisherman with a lot of big pikes under his belt. All caught from his kayak. Thats a type of fishing we in FiskeFürAlle never have tried and of course we, curious as we are, want to learn more… We are very proud to have a Danish (and Nordic ;-)) record holder with us. Dejligt!

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Hi Finn! Thanks for being with us! Can you pls tells something about yourself?.

My name is Finn Sloth Hansen. I live in the western part of Denmark, where I mostly fish from my Hobie ProAngler 12 kayak. Here close to my home, I am fishing, primarily for pike in lakes. When I fish from the kayak I mostly conduct trolling with up to 4 rods. Spend most my time fishing for pike, and fished for pike all my life. But it is the last 4-5 years it has really picked up. I fish fore team Team Wild Out of which I am a one of the founders. In addition to that, I am also fishing for, LeechEyeWear, Mustad, GeoffAnderson and Hobie Fishing Team.

Team Wild-out – what is that?

Team Wild Out is a Danish group of 5 lystfiskere (Danish word for anglers in direct translation meaning “pleasure anglers” which is really in our humble opinion an extremely good description of how we att FiskeFürAlle sees it – pleasure :-)). We want to share our experiences with all of you out there. We have a Facebook, Instagram and YouTube page where we share all our experiences, and also try to have good tips and more. Check it out 🙂 (Link in end of this post)

Wild Out Lures: Almost two years ago I started makingmy own handmade Jerkbaits. I thought that was so fun and exciting, that I now with my fishing friend Dennis BomBom have made Wild Out Lures. Now we make a lot of different baits such asJerkbaits, TailBaits; Crankbaits and rubber shads (also here link is in end of this post)

How did you end up Kayak-fishing?

I got the urge to try kayak fishing when I wanted a versatile and easy transportable instrument to get out on the water and fishing on the places you can not reach from shore. I had for many years been fishing from my float tube, but I felt  it was mobile enough for me. So started searching around on the internet. Here I quickly found a lot of fishing films, with people who fished from their Hobie kayaks. So I ended up buying a Hobie Outback, and later one Hobie ProAngler 12th

A fully equiped Kakyak with rod holders, depth sounder, landing net and cameras  – “compact living goes fishing” in a kind of way. Everything you need close and handy. We at FiskeFürAlle thinks the Hobies looks really neat – no paddels, just pedal

What signifies you homewaters and where do you look for fish there?

My home water are typical major Danish lakes with deep holes and steep slopes.

The first place I am always looking for pike is on the steep slopes of the lake, around the deep holes, or if you can find great schools of baitfish. There I know for sure there will be pike lurking. In general I guess you can say the feature is change. It may be change at the bottom, as steep slopes and deep holes.

If I cannot find fish on the slopes or structures, I try the shallows. I head for the shores and try to spinfish for for pike. There may be many reasons that the fish have moved to shallow water. They can be there to spawn, they can also be the following of baitfish or maybe are just hangin out, resting and and digesting. Fish moves with baitfish and water temperature.

The baitfish in the lakes I fish in, are mostly Roach, Bream and Perch. I often encounter pike around big schools of small roach.

En dansk brax. Det känner man igen på det karaktäristiska märket på det 714:e fjället ;-)
A Danish bream, easily recognizable by the characteristic mark on the 714:th scale 😉

What tactics do you usually employ for autumn pike?

When I start a fishing trip and I normally use 4 rods and choose 4 different bait,fishing them in 4 different depths. It’s typically 1 large Wolf Creek Curly, 1 Eastfield Wingman shad, a small Wild Out Lures Shad18 and a some crank. That would normally be the start-setup, Thay way you can normally quite soon find out what baitfish and depth the pike are feeding on. I typically fish at speeds of 3-4 km / h when trolling in the kayak.

For my autumn fishin I tend to use Wolfcreek and Eastfield quite a lot. And it was also at Wolf Creek Curly I caught Denmark’s record of 21.1 kg. Also Eastfield shad has delivered many large pike. Here is one example:

What are your favorites when it comes to color?

I tend to fish a lot of natural colors since the lakes I fish in have good visibility. I have had very good fishing on the Wolfcreek record color (motoroil/orange tail). I have also have had exceptionally good fishing on the Wolfcreek green/pearl. I caught 2 13+kg pike on one day on that color.

Rekordgäddan och betet som gjorde jobbet. Wolfcreek curly motoroil m. orange stjärt
The recordpike and the bait that did it: Wolfcreek curly motoroil w. orange tail

I have also had excellent fishing on Eastfield’s Panzerfaust, Silver/Blue and the 70’s color. Lately I have had super-fishing on my own Wild Out Lures’s SHAD18 in full white, full black and blue/silver.

Finfint bete - Wildout Shad18 - här i en färg som skulle funka finfint hemma hos oss och Magnes nye "hemmavatten" Blekinge
Awesome bait – Wildout Shad18 – here in a color that would work extremely well in our home waters but also Manges “homewaters away from homewaters” – Blekinge.

Do you have anything else to think about when it comes to autumn Pike?

Another good tip for the autumn is to start fishing deeper and slower. Find the baitfish. Fish along stepp edges in the lake.

Thank you Finn!!! Very nice having you here! Well there is not doubt that there are true monsters lurking in the Danish lakes. And you seem to be very well dialled in to them :-). There is one question we still think about – where do you go with your fishing when you have already caught the fish of all your dreams – a 20+ pike? But that is a question for next time:-)


Link to team Wildout DK:s facebook is here and should you want to know more of Wildouts baits you will find them here

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